Zazen: Virtual ergonomics accessory that will improve your posture

Zazen: Virtual ergonomics accessory that will improve your posture

a user-friendly smart accessory designed to improve posture and aid in cardiovascular disease prevention.

Project Tasks

  • Cloud Integration

    Engineered robust cloud infrastructure for Seatback, seamlessly integrating disparate systems to support hardware-software interaction, underscoring our cloud solutions expertise.

  • Hardware Development

    Implemented intricate PCB design and developed an FSR sensor, deftly crafting the hardware cornerstone of the Seatback project, showcasing our proficiency in complex hardware engineering.

  • Firmware Development

    Designed advanced firmware for the PCB, effectively bridging the gap between hardware functionality and software control, illustrating our command over integrated solutions

  • Software Development

    Developed a comprehensive web platform, mobile app, and admin panel, creating an intuitive user interface to manage the hardware, demonstrating our holistic approach to solution development.

  • Machine Learning

    Utilizing supervised learning, we trained a neural network to interpret sensor data from Zazen, effectively translating it into real-time posture information.

  • Product Design

    "Balancing aesthetics and technology, we navigated the Bill of Materials and intricately embedded electronics, overcoming challenges to shape Zazen's success.

Project Details

Successfully executed the multi-dimensional Zazen project, blending intricate hardware, software, and firmware development with robust cloud infrastructure. Zazen, a smart accessory, not only tracks user posture but also utilizes AI to aid in preventing cardiovascular diseases. This ambitious undertaking attests to our proficiency in managing complex challenges to deliver impactful digital solutions.

  • ACSE (Siteflex LLC) proved to be a reliable partner for our Seatback project. From building an effective hardware base to creating user-friendly digital platforms, they demonstrated a clear understanding of our needs and delivered solutions that fit perfectly into our business model.

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